How can businesses use analytics to improve their social media strategy?

Through analytics, brands know what content their audience likes, what time they are active, which publications generated the most engagement, and others. In this way, brands can improve their social media strategy and content marketing. In other words, it's a higher-level social media analysis tool that synthesizes your data to establish a coherent and easily understandable window into the online narrative. Once you've executed your social media strategy, analyze it, gain insights, and use it to refine the process.

Data-based content creation helps marketers target current and potential customers, increasing the ROI of social media posts. And because people love to share their brand experiences on social media, brands can directly track these changes as they apply to their own social media metrics and to their relationship with competitors. And all of this has the added advantage of increasing positive brand perception within social media coverage. This is comprehensive social media coverage for historical and real-time analysis that analyzes any online conversation, when and where you need it.

Social intelligence represents the set of technological solutions and methods used to monitor social networks, including social conversations and emerging trends. In addition, since consumer attitudes are never static, brands can also monitor how other brands manage the social climate to adapt if things are happening close to home. Just as Quid Pro allows users to analyze data sets from companies, patents or news and blogs, Quid Social uses the same interface to delve into any topic on social networks and extract information from the returned data to inform your brand's decision makers. Constant monitoring of social media analytics helps brands piece together the pieces of the puzzle of consumer needs to inform innovations and address common issues in the most cost-effective way.

Since one of the underlying principles of social media analysis is to discover and meet consumer needs, this ability to see emerging conversations in response to social or market stimuli allows brands to act quickly and increase their voice share before other brands have had the opportunity to do so. Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics are some of the platform tools available for social media analysis. Before you begin analyzing social media data, find out what your social media key performance indicators (KPIs) are. The ways in which brands use their social media analysis information are only limited by creativity.

With these metrics, marketers can ensure that their social media content is effective and justify the ROI of social networks.

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