What are some tips for creating engaging content for social media?

Look for the latest visual trends. Think, for a moment, about what makes you interact with the content of a B2B brand. Maybe you know them personally, share their industry, or just find their posts unique and fun. Either way, creating compelling social media posts isn't an easy task, especially in an era where newsfeed algorithms play such an important role in prioritizing popularity over anything else.

Instead of recycling the same old publishing techniques, read the list of 12 ways to write fun, exciting, and engaging social media posts that really interest your audience. Ultimately, you shouldn't trust your instincts, but rather on data to determine your best-performing messages and allow you to repeat that success. Try our B2B social media management platform, which offers the best-in-class set of social analytics to help you measure, report and optimize your social media posts across all parameters. Our latest B2B marketing tips, ideas and news are delivered once a week.

Nobody wants to read a case study every day. Keep your audience alert to make sure they're excited about your content. Create a character that you can identify with the audience, present their conflict and show readers how the character found a solution. Consult historical data from social media analysis sites to see what types of posts have already been successful with popularity on social networks.

When companies post about sweepstakes or contests on social media, they generally make a CTA asking readers to share their page or posts. Writing social media posts that seek people's answers, opinions and comments can be a great way to start a conversation. But was it titled “How to Write Engaging Social Posts”? Right away, the message seems less impactful, less credible, and less structured. PicMonkey offers you a variety of templates to help you create posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

If you've been reading my blogs for a while, you know how much I love including statistics and research in my content. You can create engaging content for social media without sacrificing your sanity, spending your entire marketing budget, or completely abandoning social media practices. In the Semrush social media poster, you can gather content ideas by adding RSS feeds from your favorite blogs or resources. Statistics also suggest that up to 36% of Instagram users and 35% of Twitter users use social networks to follow brands and companies.

After almost a month of competition, a team of Apple staff and expert photographers chose the best content and shared it on their platforms. If you're running out of ideas for social media content and need something new and fresh, ask your employees to add their perspectives to the mix. When you're struggling to create content or just don't have time, let your customers generate it for you. The more you know your target audience (and sharpen your content personas), the better you can attract those areas of tension and difficulty.

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