What are the 5 c's of social media?

The 5 C's of social networks (coordinates, channels, content, connections and corrections) are interconnected elements that are used to develop an effective strategy. Without it, your community probably doesn't exist, it's small, or it's not interested in what you say on your social networks.

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bridge the gap between relationships that weren't previously available to you through influencers in your industry. Keep up to date with the people suggested on each of your social platforms and research the people who are having an impact on your industry; then follow them and interact with them on social networks.

In addition, even an occasional negative comment on social media about your products and services can cause you to demonstrate your timely response to problems or frustrations. Social media gives you the unique ability to get opinions from consumers, making them feel more interested in your company's choices. If you're on social media and not contributing to the conversation, you'll seem like a static spectator rather than an industry thought leader. Currently, there are 3.78 billion social media users around the world and in the last year alone they have grown by 5%.

Like most businesses today, you probably already have social media pages dedicated to your business, but you may still be discovering how you can take advantage of them to their full potential. If you want to achieve the conversion, you will have to analyze THE 5 C's of social networks. Once you have great content to attract interested parties to your social pages, you'll start building a community. When looking to develop a social media strategy, it's important to think about the 5 C's, as they can be an easy reminder and an excellent guide.

In essence, social networks have become the online epicenter of people coming together to form online communities. Publish original content that really helps the audience of the platform or social media group in the form of links to e-books, blogs, videos and just about anything that highlights your knowledge and experience, but that doesn't make you seem like too much of a seller either. Social networks offer a unique opportunity to receive feedback from those who care about the products and services you offer. You simply can't get on a social network and be successful without incredible content and some kind of content marketing strategy.

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