What are the 5 elements of media strategy?

The 5 C's of social networks (coordinates, channels, content, connections and corrections) are interconnected elements that are used to develop an effective strategy. Coordinates: this is the starting point for launching any organization on social networks. What type of personality do you want to transmit? Are you fun and energetic? Authoritarian and serious? The impression you want to create among your target audience will help determine the type of medium you want to work with, what you want to tell them and how you say it. What do you want people to think, feel, or do? Your key messages will help explain your organization and what it does, why this matters and the difference you make.

Knowing what you want to say is one thing. Having a spokesperson who can communicate this clearly and concisely, especially in times of pressure, is another. Media training can help eliminate any wrinkles. Certain content will be more suitable for certain platforms.

For example, Twitter only allows 140 characters, so a long text post would be better for Facebook or your website. Images are well received on all social networks, so sharing something on Instagram would work just as well on Twitter, Facebook or your website. Instead, vary your social media posts with different types of unique content to engage with your audience and entertain them. Using unique content on your social media profiles will help keep your audience's attention, and its greater shareability factor will attract new followers to your company account.

Of course, starting a conversation on social media is of little use to your company if the conversation is one-sided. Keep it up to date with your music, upcoming concerts, contact information, mailing list and social media links. Your social media strategy can have many objectives, including brand recognition, building trust among customers, generating leads, increasing sales and conversion rates, etc. Starting your first social media campaign may seem like a financial shock at first, but tracking the results to determine what works and what doesn't will provide you with the information you need to reduce costs and improve your ROI in the future.

Talking to your followers is a crucial part of the success of social media, even outside of normal business hours. Because of the complexity of today's business social media accounts, creating and implementing a strategy incorrectly could be even more harmful than having no social media presence. If you use social media for your business simply because you consider it the industry standard, it's best that you don't use social media at all. There are a number of objectives that you can set for your company's presence on social networks, depending on whether you want to attract traffic to your website, sell products, entertain your audience, etc.

Like all marketing promotion methods, you can only optimize your social media presence when you have a firm understanding of your audience. With that in mind, let's dive into 5 elements of an effective social media strategy that no company can afford to ignore. Social networks offer your followers the possibility to establish a genuine human connection with your brand and even with other followers of your brand. Using a smart social media strategy will help your band stand out, especially if you update your pages regularly and connect with your fans.

If you really need to develop trust among customers and you want to build a community around your brand and, more importantly, you want to increase your sales, building a social media strategy is important. .

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