What are the 8 p's of social marketing?

The 8 P's of marketing are product, price, place, promotion, people, positioning, processes and performance. The social marketing approach is taking a much broader perspective than just considering the product, price, place and promotion as the 4 P's of commercial marketing. There are 8 P's in Marketing Mix for social marketing. Advocacy organizations that push for certain things to happen in society can supplement social marketing programs if new policy changes are needed, such as increasing funding for breast cancer research.

Therefore, it is necessary to properly explore and redefine the elements of the marketing mix for social marketing. Social marketing is often carried out by for-profit social organizations and non-profit social organizations, so it requires substantial funding to develop social marketing programs. This is because many social problems are so complex and complicated today that an organization cannot act alone to solve the problem. If the benefit or perceived value is low, the customer will most likely not buy that good or social service.

Therefore, social marketing aims to promote a greater consumption of meritorious goods and, at the same time, a decrease in the consumption of demerit goods. In short, the traditional 4 P's of the marketing mix are mainly focused on commercial activities, such as getting the right products to the right customers at the right price and in the right way. Over the years, marketers added additional elements to the marketing mix, such as people, processes, physical evidence, and philosophy. Internal audiences include everyone in the organization who is involved in the approval process, campaign preparation, and implementation of social marketing activities.

Promotional channels include advertising, sales promotion, personal sales, direct marketing, and public relations. Secondly, when considering pricing decisions in social marketing, the dignity of the transaction between the seller and the buyer must be taken into account. In social marketing, offering products can be a tangible asset, such as anti-smoking drugs, condoms and other contraceptives, organic foods, etc. Service-based companies must create an easy to understand and customer-oriented process and share it in their marketing materials.

When developing social programs, each element of the 8 P's of combining marketing for social marketing must be taken into account as the campaign is developed. Academically, the field of social marketing continues to evolve a lot and there seems to be a great diversity of opinions on the subject. Only then will the company be able to offer the right product that is a good long-term solution to social problems.

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